The site is no longer viable as a retail park. Some retailers have closed their stores and relocated to other locations in the town, so we now need to define a new future for this site in a way which can contribute positively to the area. We are aiming to do this by delivering much-needed new homes on the site, alongside new public green spaces, local shops and other retail facilities. These regeneration plans will reinvigorate and bring activity back to what is now predominantly a redundant retail park, while also connecting to the riverside environment and surrounding residential areas.

Both Matalan and the Range have closed their stores and relocated to other premises in the city. We are also in discussions with Tenpin to identify an alternative site in Exeter so it can continue to have a presence in Exeter for the long term. Tenpin is committed to a future in Exeter away from Haven Banks retail park.

We are applying for planning permission to redevelop the site. This includes permission to remove the buildings currently on the site and to construct four separate and complementary buildings, associated infrastructure, landscaping and access. We are applying for permission to build approximately 440 new homes with a range of commercial and retail facilities combined with new public spaces.

Our target is to submit the planning application this summer, following the public consultation.

Build-to-rent refers to purpose-built housing designed for rent rather than sale – it provides residents an affordable place to live with a distinct and desirable sense of community and modern facilities geared around community living. Build-to-rent homes are more secure (from a lease perspective) and reliable than privately rented homes, with longer tenancy options, professionally managed by reliable landlords and with lower fees.

Co-living is a modern form of housing where residents share living space. It offers an opportunity for younger generations in particular to embrace communal living and shared experiences. Each resident will have their own private bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, with communal areas focused around an integrated hub with shared space including flexible work and lounge space.

Co-living makes good quality rented accommodation more accessible and affordable, especially for young people, because the price point is lower than someone would have to pay for the same quality accommodation if they were renting the full range of facilities exclusively and not in this shared arrangement.

The regeneration will create a buzzing new neighbourhood with a range of commercial and retail facilities combined with new public spaces. The ground floor retail space will comprise local shops, restaurants and café space, spilling out to the green spaces and public realm. We are exploring new play spaces and public art installations/murals too.

Our designs include new green spaces and comprehensive landscape treatment for the site including everything from planting new greenery and trees to creating specific new spaces for people to relax in. More information on the landscaping aspects of our proposals can be found below.

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Sustainability has been key to our proposals throughout the design stage. Homes will be built to the highest building performance standards to ensure that they are energy-efficient and minimise heat loss. We are contributing to carbon reduction and maximising renewable energy use by putting solar panels on the roofs of building, using air source heat pumps and encouraging sustainable forms of transport.

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The proposed redevelopment will deliver significant benefits to the local community as well as investment to benefit the wider Haven Banks area. Our vision is to re-energise what is predominantly a redundant retail park, creating a vibrant new neighbourhood with much-needed new homes, high-quality public realm, new green space and new retail space for shops, cafés or restaurants – all of this will benefit local residents and contribute in a positive way to the area. View the ‘Community benefits and investment’ page for more information on how the development will have a positive impact on the local area.

These proposals are designed to encourage sustainable forms of transport, tapping into the excellent pedestrian and cycle networks in the area. Vehicle access to the site will be from Water Lane only and will not provide a route through to Haven Road. The existing points of vehicle access serving the car park from Water Lane and Haven Road would be closed, reducing the number of vehicle movements and traffic around the site. There will be just 33 car parking spaces, again encouraging reduced car use. This compares to 220 spaces currently in the car park on the site.

The timetable is subject to securing planning permission. If we achieve planning permission by the end of 2022, we anticipate beginning construction work in the summer of 2023. We will begin by removing the buildings currently on the site before constructing the new blocks and associated landscaping and infrastructure. We are targeting completion of construction during 2025.

All comments and feedback submitted as part of our public consultation will be considered and used to inform the proposals, potentially helping us to refine or adjust things before we finalise the planning application. We will prepare a report – a Statement of Community Engagement (SCE) – which will be submitted as part of the planning application. Your feedback will be used in line with the GDPR regulations.

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